Do you have chaotic conditions in
your product information?

TreoPIM helps you to make use
of the whole potential of your product data!

What is PIM?

Managing, editing, and delivering product information is time-consuming. It must be informative, accurate and revenue generating in terms of quality and for all existing channels. This task is handled by a Product Information Management System (PIM). PIM helps you to centralize, optimize and publish on all appropriate channels all product-related, technical and / or marketing-relevant information about all your products.

PIM can make life easier for the following professionals:




Product Manager



Why do you need a PIM?

Product information faces following challenges:

  • The product data can be taken from different sources, have different quality and depth of detail.
  • Available product information is too often incomplete and needs to be improved.
  • Maintaining the same information in different places leads to errors and is time-consuming.
  • Search for a right data source is not always successful.
  • Providing product information to various departments and consolidating it afterwards can be really tedious.
  • Deadline for catalog production and introduction of new products (NPIs).
  • Translations and corrections cost much more time than expected.
  • The complexity of product data flow is often underestimated.
  • Excel solutions hardly allow automation and accuracy.

What is TreoPIM?

TreoPIM is a free, modern, 100% open source, feature-rich and configurable PIM solution of a new generation for retailers, producers and brands, with many benefits. With TreoPIM you get full control over the customer experience. It's easy to keep catalogs up to date, add new products or change existing ones, deliver your current product information across all channels, and it takes hours, not weeks. TreoPIM helps you with teamwork and automates your business processes, increases the productivity and quality of the work results, systematizes and structures the exchange of information. TreoPIM can be adapted exactly to the needs of the user.


Product Content und Catalog Management

The way it should be.


Consolidate all product-related information in one central solution and make it available to the responsible colleagues.


Determine which products are available to all your channels from one place.


Categorize your products, create your own product catalogs, and import product catalogs from your suppliers.


Unify global and localized product data from ERP, PLM, PIM and other systems.


Work with arbitrarily complicated product types and their associations. Connect products with linked media assets to create and enhance product experiences.


Create a consistent look for all your products, regardless of the channel on which they are published.


Bring your products online faster, thanks to coordinated collaboration in content creation and its corrections.


This includes text descriptions, SKUs, prices, currencies, weights, measures and more.

PIM for brands and manufacturers

Deliver not only products, but also product information

  • Increase New Product Introductions (NPI) and reduce their costs by automating the processes involved in creating product information.
  • Create a unified and cross-channel shopping experience across your products to increase your sales. Your market is already digital.
  • The product page is your chance of success. Take control of this because 75% of buyers make a decision to buy a brand before going to the store.
  • Efficient product content management puts you in control of your product data without worrying about IT.
  • PIM creates for you a Product Experience Management platform that centralizes the content for a successful product journey and distributes it to the necessary channels.
  • Present your company and products professionally and consistently across all media and countries, thus improving the brand's recognition value.

PIM for retailers

PIM allows to process large amounts of product information.

  • Integrate data from all your suppliers.
  • Increase your sales through suitable up- and cross-selling offers, offer for example accessories, replacement products or suitable consumables.
  • Operate customer-centric marketing so that every customer is approached with the right product and message at the right time.
  • Create a perfect shopping experience for your customers and ensure long-term customer loyalty.
  • PIM helps you to source and unify the necessary data from all sources.
  • Use your data prepared in one place for all your sales channels. Create a productive work environment for your copywriters, SEO and marketing specialists.
  • Keep full control of your multichannel content strategy.
  • Locate your data - quickly and efficiently.
  • Launch new products faster.

General PIM benefits

Introduction of a PIM system brings many benefits to anyone involved in manufacturing, distributing or selling products.

  • "Single Point of Truth" - perform each change only once, in a central location and automatically update all channels.
  • Reduce potential errors thanks to centralized holding, management, improvement, validation and reconciliation of data.
  • With better data quality, you can provide your customers with a consistent shopping experience across all channels.
  • Find the necessary product and related product information faster and adapt it to current trends and market requirements.
  • Integrate your PIM system with any desired third-party systems, for import and export purposes.
  • Create your marketing and SEO materials faster and publish them through your distribution channels - catalogs, brochures, online stores, or e-commerce platforms.
  • Gain greater transparency and flexibility in structuring your product data to help find the information you need faster.
  • PIM creates a central knowledge base about products in your company.
  • Improve the mood and coordination in your team with more efficient workflows, as less searching and more creation is much more fun.
  • Make sure that your product information including changes, corrections, and translations remain consistent in all publications.
  • Minimize your administrative costs related to product information.
  • PIM allows you to separate editing and layout. Make sure all your product and brand values are organized and easily accessible to your entire team.

News from our PIM Blog

New Version TreoPIM 1.9.1

26. October 2018
The changes affect mobile and desktop versions: new category tree, new attribute order on the product page and association types.

What is the difference between PIM and ERP - do you need both?

17. October 2018
An ERP is used for planning and control of product-related processes. A PIM is an efficient complement to it - for managing product data.

New Version TreoPIM 1.8.1

11. October 2018
The update brings important improvements and novelties, e.g. new entities, filter and mass update options as well as other features.