Do you have chaotic conditions in
your product information?

TreoPIM helps you to make use
of the whole potential of your product data!

What is TreoPIM?

TreoPIM is a free, modern, 100% open source, feature-rich and configurable PIM solution of a new generation for retailers, producers and brands, with many benefits. With TreoPIM you get full control over the customer experience. It's easy to keep catalogs up to date, add new products or change existing ones, deliver your current product information across all channels, and it takes hours, not weeks. TreoPIM helps you with teamwork and automates your business processes, increases the productivity and quality of the work results, systematizes and structures the exchange of information. TreoPIM can be adapted exactly to the needs of the user.

Product Content und Catalog Management

The way it should be.


Consolidate all product-related information in one central solution and make it available to the responsible colleagues.


Determine which products are available to all your channels from one place.


Categorize your products, create your own product catalogs, and import product catalogs from your suppliers.


Unify global and localized product data from ERP, PLM, PIM and other systems.


Work with arbitrarily complicated product types and their associations. Connect products with linked media assets to create and enhance product experiences.


Create a consistent look for all your products, regardless of the channel on which they are published.


Bring your products online faster, thanks to coordinated collaboration in content creation and its corrections.


This includes text descriptions, SKUs, prices, currencies, weights, measures and more.


Manage all your
product data in one place
and improve the
experience of your products!


That's how it works


TreoPIM helps you
to operate successfully
in Omnichannel Commerce!


TreoPIM offers many customer benefits for SMEs

Low introductory costs and short

No license fees and other

Web-based and platform-independent

100% open source, therefore customizable and expandable

Configurable entities, layouts and

Modern and user-friendly
user interface

Role-based permissions on entity
and field level

Unlimited number of users

Feature-rich right out of the box, with
many features from the enterprise area

Thanks to a full-featured REST API
can be integrated with any third-party systems

Simple and intuitively understandable

Based on the latest technologies and
high code quality