TreoPIM is a state-of-the-art solution, has API-centric software architecture, and brings many technological advantages in terms of data model performance and flexibility, as well as customization and integration with other systems.


TreoPIM for developers

The code of TreoPIM is easy to understand and to expand in order to make the developers happy!

  • Open Source: TreoPIM is 100% open source and is distributed under GPLv3 license. Change everything you want!
  • АPI-centric: TreoPIM has API-centric software architecture, which means that everything is done through API, even if you make changes, they are immediately available in the API.
  • Object-oriented: TreoPIM was developed through object-oriented programming and is thus very flexible and modular built in terms of changes.
  • High code quality: TreoPIM has a high code quality, we make every effort to keep it that way!
  • Modern technologies: TreoPIM is based on the EspoCRM framework and is developed with the most advanced technologies - PHP7 and Backbone.js.
  • Expandable plugins: You can easily extend the functions of TreoPIM with your own plugins.

TreoPIM offers many customer benefits

Low introductory costs and short

No license fees and other

Web-based and platform-independent

100% open source, therefore customizable and expandable

Configurable entities, layouts and

Modern and user-friendly
user interface

Role-based permissions on entity
and field level

Unlimited number of users

Feature-rich right out of the box, with
many features from the enterprise area

Thanks to a full-featured REST API
can be integrated with any third-party systems

Simple and intuitively understandable

Based on the latest technologies and
high code quality

TreoPIM can do it all. Are you interested?
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