This module gives the users possibility to easily work with the change history: view the field changes history in pop-up and restore previous values from the amendment’s history.

Installation Guide

In order to install the Treo Revisions module, open the module manager in administration and carry out the installation.

Install Revision Module

In order to uninstall the module, select the "Remove" option from the module's action menu.

Administrator Functions

After installing the module users will be able to see the change history of audited fields and restore these changes.

To enable storage of the change history for a particular field, you should:

  1. Open the field list of the desired entity in "Entity Manager"; choose the field.

    Edit Entity Fields

  2. Activate the checkbox "audited" and save the field changes.

    Edit Entity Fields Auduted

  3. For reviewing the changes in the stream or in a field changes pop-up at the entity record page, "Stream" must be activated in the entity settings.

    enable stream

Access rights

According to the Roles settings in TreoPIM, access to the stream panel depends on the "Assigned user" of each particular record with a stream (e.g. to be able to see and revert changes in an account called "Client 1" you need at least "read" and "stream" access to the record "Client 1"). You cannot set the "stream" right to the records where you don't have "read" right. "Stream" has the following options in the Roles settings for a particular entity:

  • All - the role will be able to see streams in all records of this entity
  • Team - the role will be able to see streams of those entity records that are assigned to the person's team members
  • Own - the role will be able to see streams of those entity records that are assigned to this person
  • No - the role will not be able to see any streams

    Stream Access Rights

Attention. The rights to see the change log and revert each change is not separated from each other and are defined by the user's access to "Stream". So, if you don't want to grant some user the right to see or restore some field change, don't allow him to see the corresponding stream.

Removal of a record from the Stream

  • Only administrator can delete a change log entry from the Stream.
  • To remove a change log entry, the administrator must select this record in the stream, open the context menu (triangle on the right) and click on "Remove". This action is irreversible.
  • After removing an entry from the stream, it disappears also from the change history pop-up.

Remove From Stream

Functions for the user

Display of the change history pop-up

In order to see the change history of a certain field, you should click on the clock symbol to the right of this field

Revision Icon

After the click, a pop-up opens with the list of changes in this field, namely:

  • the time of change
  • the user who made the change
  • the values of the field before ("Old Value") and after ("New Value") the change
  • the Locale if a multilingual field was changed.

Revision List

The be able to see the field history you need a right to edit this field.

Restoration of an old field value

Any user with access to a Stream can revert any change recorded there, thus restoring the "Old Value" of this particular change. There are two ways to do this:

Option 1. In field change history pop-up: click "Restore" button to the right of the desired change

Option 2. Select the desired change in the stream, open the context menu (right triangle - available only to the administrator) and click on "Restore".

The revert itself is logged similarly to manual changing of this field, i.e. a new change entry is added to the stream (with the information about the date, old and new field values and the user who made the revert).

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