Product Variants

The "Product Variants" module allows you to create as many variants of the products in the TreoPIM system as needed. The number of product variants available for creation is limited only by the number of unique combinations of the "Enum" attributes, which make the basis of the product variant creation.

This module is generally the extension of the product entity functionality.


To install the "Product Variants" module to your system, go to Administration > Module Manager; find this module in the "Store" list and click Install:

PV install

Select the desired version in the installation pop-up window that appears and click the Install button. The module background will turn green and it will be moved to the "Installed" section of the Module Manager. Click Run update to confirm its installation.

Please, note that running the system update will lead to the logout of all users.

To update/remove the "Product Variants" module from the system, use the corresponding options from its single record actions drop-down list in the Module Manager.

Product Variant Creation and Configuration

Product variant is basically a product with a complete set of its properties. Product variants can be created only for the products of the "Configurable product" type and they must include an attribute (or attributes) of the "Enum" type – a list of possible values set up upon the attribute creation or editing, in which only one value can be selected for the product attribute.

TreoPIM supports creation of multidimensional variants – product variants based on more than one attribute.

For more details on attribute types, please, refer to the Attributes article within the TreoPIM user guide.

Please, note that creating a variant without linking it to the configurable product is not possible.

To add a product variant, create a new configurable product or open the desired configurable product from the products list and click the + button on the "Product variants" panel; the product creation pop-up window will appear:

PV create

Here fill in the required fields for the product variant being created and select the attribute(s) on the basis of which it should be created. You can create additional attribute values to the product variant using the + button in the corresponding field. Hit Enter to add the new item to the attribute values list.

Please, note that the product variant name is generated automatically on the basis of the parent configurable product name and the selected attribute value(s), separated by commas.

The following parameters are available for the product variant configuration:

  • Variant images – the product image for the variant being created. It can be either the same as for the parent configurable product or a different one:

    Variant cfg image

  • Variant prices – the price to be assigned to the product variant being created. It can be either the same as for the parent configurable product or with some modifications:

    Variant cfg price

By default, the "Same as by parent" option is set for both parameters.

When the product variant is created, its attributes become defined and cannot be edited/removed; this is displayed on the "Product attributes" panel of the product variant (or parent configurable product) detail view page. Also the product variant can have its own custom attributes, not inherited from the parent, which are editable:

PV attributes

The created product variants will be added to the general "Products" list.

If you wish to create a product variant on the basis of a different set of attributes, please, remove all the existing product variants prior to its creation. Otherwise, all other product variants will contain the same set of attributes that have been assigned for the first variant created for the given configurable product.

Product Variant Editing

Unlike configurable products, their variants contain locks on a lot of panels and data fields since their values are inherited from the parent configurable products:

Locked fields, panels

To enable editing, click the lock button on the desired panel or data field.


When the panel is unlocked for editing, you can perform any action available in the TreoPIM system for this particular entity panel (add, select, refresh, etc.):

Editable panel

Adding a new entry to the unlocked panel of the entity variant leads to the creation of a new relation between the given entity and its variant:

Panel-entity relation

Please, note that if you lock the panel back, its content will return to the values inherited from the parent configurable product, and all your changes, i.e. product variant's own relations, will be discarded. Unlocking the panel once more will not lead to the display of the previously configured values.


Having unlocked the desired product variant field, click the pencil button:

PV field editing

Update the unlocked field's data and click Update to commit your changes.

To return to the parent product value for the desired panel/field, click the released lock button. The performed changes are automatically saved and displayed – no need to refresh the page.

Linking Product Variants With Other System Entities

Product variants are linked together with their parent configurable product directly on the "Products" panel of the corresponding entity: PV linked

An example of product variants linked to the channel entity

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