The Pricing module offers advanced pricing capabilities to display different prices across different customer groups and channels. In addition, thanks to the automatic price conversion, you can create scalable prices depending on the number of items and the prices in different currencies. The price conversion can be performed depending on the fixed currency exchange rate or by manually entering the price of each single item.

Price is the product price used to determine what exact prices can be used in TreoPIM. It can be, for example, B2B prices, B2C prices, VIP prices etc. This allows to set different product prices for different customer groups and channels.

Real Price is the price of a certain product and is determined for a certain customer group or for a channel. Each product has its own price for B2B, B2C, VIP etc.

Channels are the channels through which product distribution takes place. These are e.g. Amazon DE, Amazon EN etc.

Currency are currencies in which a product distribution is performed.

Scaled Price is the price depending on the number of products.

Module Installation

To install the module "Pricing", go to Module Manager in the admin area and install the module.

Install Price Module

To remove the module, select the item "Remove" in the Action Menu of the module.


You can set the permissions for users according to their duties.

Access Price Module

Administrator Functions

After the module installation, it will be possible to add the item "Prices" to the navigation menu block. Thus,you can create and change necessary types of the pricing.

Besides the additional bar "Price" is added on the product page.

To set the currencies used in pricing, go to Administration and select the Currency.

In this menu it is also possible to specify the conversion rate of currencies.

Currency List

To create a pricing, go to "Directory Prices" and click on "Create Price".

In the opened tab, you must name the pricing, choose the currencies that the pricing needs to apply to, and specify if this pricing is active.

Note: only active pricing are displayed on the page "Prices".

Create Price

Pricing relates to a product through channel selection. Therefore, you have to select or create a relevant channel in the bar CHANNELS.

Select Price Channel

Note: The currency can also be specified for the channel and if you set the product price in a certain currency, common currencies for the channel and pricing are displayed.

After the pricing was linked to the channel in the bar "Prices", pricing is displayed due to the channels on the product page.

Product Price

User Functions

It is possible to specify the product price due to the channel and view the already specified prices.

To do this, you have to go to the bar Prices on the certain product page and click on "Edit" or "View".

Product Price Edit

In the opened pop-up you can input the product price in a certain currency.

Product Price New Value

Note: When using Multi Currency in Pricing, the product price per unit will be automatically converted according to the rates specified in System Settings.

Product Price Auto Rate

The module also enables to change the product price in other currencies of the channel and in the pricing. To do this you have to click on the button "Edit" for the corresponding currency and input the price.

Product Price Multicurrency Edit

To specify the prices regardless of the number of products, you must click on "Add" in the price change pop-up.

Product Price Add Scaled

In the new line, input the number of products in the field "Amount" and the price for this number in the next field. . To remove the value, click on "Remove".

Product Price Amount

Note: For the visual representation, the caption "scaled" is displayed in the bar "Prices" to the right of the pricing name. This means that an additional price has been specified for this product depending on the number of products.

By clicking on the name of the pricing you will be redirected to the page of the selected pricing. Here you can view and make changes to this pricing.

Product Price Overview

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