PDF Productsheets

The module PDF Productsheets allows to create PDF files with product descriptions that are prepared for certain channels. For this, it is necessary to select the required channel from the list to which the product belongs in the PDF generation.

The module offers the following options:

  • Generating the PDF files with all product information.
  • The product information is generated according to the channel for which it is prepared.
  • The PDF files are generated based on the selected local / language.

Installation Guide

To install the module PDF Productsheets, go to Module Manager, click on the button "Install" and install the module. (The module will be displayed in green). Then click on the button "Run Update" and confirm the update.


To remove the module, select the item "Remove" in the Action Menu (the module will be displayed in red), click on "Run Update" and confirm the update.

Note: When starting the system update, all users will be logged out.

User Functions

After the module installation, the button Product Sheet (in Action Menu) will be added to the product list page as well as on the product page. This button allows to generate a PDF file.

Product Sheet

After clicking on this button, it will be displayed a pop-up for setting the information to be displayed in the file.

Productsheet Generator

To generate a PDF file, you must specify the following information:

  • Productsheet Template – the template for generating the PDF files. New templates can be programmed additionally.
  • Channel – the drop-down list displays all channels to which the product belongs. You can select only one variant from the list. The PDF file displays all attribute values that belong to this channel (including multichannel attributes). By selecting the option "Without Channel", all attribute values are displayed in the file (not multichannel attribute values).


  • Locale – depending on the selected channel, in the field "Locale" it will be possible to select the localization specified for this channel. If no locales (no local settings) were chosen for the selected channel, the field "Locale" isn't displayed by generating a PDF file. Thereby, it is assumed that the default theme applies to the channel.


When clicking on the button "Generate Product Sheet", the generated PDF file opens in a new tab of the browser (according to the specified parameters).

Default template of the productsheet

In the file the filled-in data of the Panels Overview, Attributes and Long Description are displayed (according to the channel and the local).

The default template of the productsheet looks as follows:


Such PDF files can be used later as aт attachment to the reports, tables, printed catalogs with product information.

Administrator Functions

To select a certain location for the necessary channel, the required locales must be specified in the field "Locales" on the page of the selected channel.

If "Input Language" isn't switched on in the system or no language is selected in the field "Input Language List", the field "Locale" isn't displayed.

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