Multi-Language and Local Fields

Module allows to add languages and create multi-language fields of types "Varchar MultiLang", "Text MultiLang", "Enum MultiLang", "Multi-Enum MultiLang" or "Array MultiLang" for any entity in the system. The verification of the multi-language field values significantly simplifies the product management and product descriptions stay always up-to-date in your online shop.

Module Installation

  • The module is installed with the system and is part of the system.
  • Removal of the module is impossible.

Administrator Functions

Module Activation

To activate the function for inputting the multi-language field values, go to Administration> Input Language and tick the box "Is Active". The module is activated by default.

If the product information is entered only in one language, the option "Is Active" must be deactivated, the option "Is Active" must be deactivated. The default field for inputting values remains visible and the fields for inputting values in other languages are deactivated.

Change the Language List

To change the languages for which the multi-language fields must be filled, it is necessary to use the multiple selection "Input Language List". Here it is possible to select new languages as well as delete previously input ones.

Multi-language Settings

When adding an additional language to each multi-language field, a new input field (without values) is displayed.

When turning off a certain language, the input field and its value will be removed from the layout. But if this language is turned on again, the previously input values will be restored.

Creation of Multi-Language Fields

To create a multi-language field, you must select the entity in Entity Manager, click on "Add Field", select the multi-language field types and specify all necessary metadata for this type. Then, the new field has to be added to the layout manager.

The module allows to create the following multi-language field types:

Fieldtype Description
Varchar MultiLang Field type for storing short multi-language text values (up to 255 characters)
Text MultiLang Field type for storing long multi-language text values
Enum MultiLang Field type for storing multi-language values of the drop-down list with the possibility to select only one of the variants
Multi-Enum MultiLang Field type for storing multi-language values of the drop-down list with the possibility to select one or more variants
Array MultiLang Field type for storing multi-language text values of the dynamic data set (the user can manually add or save a value or some values by field editing)

Multi-language Add Fields

If your system is already integrated with an external system and you add a multi-language field instead of the simple field (for example, product name), you may need to change the mapping to ensure correct work with the external systems.

If the multi-language field is mandatory, input of values for all activated languages in the TreoPIM system is also mandatory:

Multi-language Required Fields

The number of variants for selection or the number of input values in the fields Enum MultiLang, Multi-Enum MultiLang, and Array MultiLang must be the same in all languages. The semantic match of the field values in different languages can not be checked by the system, so this must be controlled by the administrator. The first default value of the field "one" must match e.g. the first value of the German field "eins".

User Functions

Each multi-language field has a default value and additional language fields (their number equals the number of languages that you have activated). The default value of the multi-language field isn't attached to any language.

Names of multi-language fields include the name of the language: "en_US", "de_DE" etc.

Only a default value is displayed with the entity, the values of the language fields are hidden. Multi-language Fields Hide

To display the language fields, you have to click on the open icon. view

The possible values of the fields Enum MultiLang and Multi-Enum MultiLang are specified for each language by the Admin. Users can only select from existing values while editing. Multi-language Enum MultiLang And Multi-Enum MultiLang

For the fields of the types Varchar MultiLang and Text MultiLang the additional input fields are added for all languages which have been activated in the module settings and which are filled in by the users.

Multi-language Varchar MultiLang And Text MultiLang

While saving the empty multi-language fields of the types Varchar MultiLang and Text MultiLang are filled with the values from the standard field. If you have added one more language after creating and filling in the multi-language field, its value for a new language remains empty. Multi-language Fields Edit

The values of the field Array MultiLang are input by the users (not the admin) while editing the entry in the entity.

Multi-language Array MultiLang

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