The module Completeness measures the completeness of required fields that allows to control and improve the quality of product data. In addition, you can save the product descriptions, in which not all required fields are filled.

Thanks to the graphical representation, you have full control over the completeness of your product data in TreoPIM.

Functions of Completeness in overview:

  • Completeness degree of the product data is displayed depending on the extent to which the required fields for the product and its attributes are completed.
  • Ability to measure completeness for each entity in the system.
  • The module adds the default field with the percentage value for each entity in the system for which Сompleteness is activated.
  • Completeness degree of product data is displayed for the specified locales in percent.
  • Completeness degree of product data is displayed for the channel in percent.
  • Activation of completeness for a certain entity allows to activate or deactivate the entity's entries. As active you can mark only the entry, in which all required fields are completed.
  • Ability to save the entry (only as inactive) with unfilled required fields.
  • Ability to add new dashlets to the system for displaying the degree of completeness.

Installation Guide

To install the module Completeness, go to Administration > Composer.

Install Completeness Module

To remove the module, click on "Remove" in Action Menu.

Administrator Functions

The module adds the block Completeness in the settings of each entity, which displays the degree of completeness of these entity entries.

To activate the Completeness mechanism for a certain entity, go to Entity Manager in the Administration, select the required entity and click on "Edit".

In the editing window you have to tick the checkbox "Complete" and save the changes.

Edit Entity Completeness Active

Mark the field as required

To mark the field as required, go to Entity Manager, click on "Fields", select or create a field that must be completed and tick the checkbox "Required".
Required Field For Completeness

The required attributes are determined in the product family. Completeness Attribute Required

Displaying the value Сompleteness on the entity page

To view the completeness degree of entity entries in the list, you must:

  1. Go to Administration > Layout Manager and select the entity for which the Completeness mechanism has been activated.
  2. Add the value "Сomplete" to see the completeness degree of the data in percent. This value includes only the default language data in TreoPIM, multi-language fields aren't taken into account. Drag-and-drop the appropriate field to display it.
  3. Add the value "Сomplete" with the specification of the locale (Сomplete (EnUs), Сomplete (DeDe), etc.) to see the completeness degree of the information in this entry depending on the locale. Only the values in the corresponding language are taken into account. Drag-and-drop the appropriate field to display it.

Completeness List View

  1. After adding the necessary values using the Layout Manager, they are available in the entity list. To filter by these fields, you must also add them to the filter list.

Completeness List View

User Functions

For the entries of an entity with the activated Сompleteness, the block Completeness is displayed in the side panel.

Completeness Block

By calculating the completeness value with regard to the channel, the completeness of the channel-specific attributes is also taken into account. For a channel the completeness value is displayed regarding the location set up for the channel.

Example: in one of your channels, only the German locale is used for the product information. The display of the degree of completeness due to the channel is shown with two values:

  • Degree of completeness of default fields
  • Degree of completeness of fields and attributes of a certain locale.

Channel Locale Completeness

Activation of the entries

If the module Completeness is switched on, the product can be activated only if all required fields are completed to 100 percent.

Completeness Activation Failed

Use of dashlets

In order to conveniently track the completeness of product information, the user can display the dashlets according to the level of completeness regarding channels and localization.

Completeness Dashlets

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