Colored Fields

The "Colored Fields" module enables a colorful highlight of Enum and Multi-Enum fields values in order to attract user's attention, i.e. after the module installation, the values of all Enum (when only one value is available for choosing from the list) / Multi-Enum (when several values are available for choosing from the list) fields get a color code that can be defined by the administrator.

Thanks to the "Colored Fields" module, the usability of the TreoCore (TreoPIM, TreoDAM, TreoCRM) interface significantly improves and becomes even more user friendly.

Installation Guide

To install the "Colored Fields" module to your system, go to Administration > Module Manager, find this module in the "Store" list and click Install:

CF install

Select the desired version in the installation pop-up window that appears and click the Install button. The module background will turn green and it will be moved to the "Installed" section of the Module Manager. Click Run update to confirm its installation.

Please, note that running the system update will lead to the logout of all users.

To update/remove the "Colored Fields" module from the system, use the corresponding options from its single record actions menu in Administration > Module Manager.

Please, note that the "Colored Fields" module can also be installed together with TreoPIM and it is PIM dependent, i.e. if PIM is still installed in the system, the "Colored Fields" module cannot be removed.

Administrator Functions

After the "Colored Fields" module is installed, the options for a background color appear for each field value of the Enum / Multi-Enum type.

Field Color Configuration

By default, all already existing values of the Enum / Multi-Enum fields are displayed against the gray background (#ccc). The newly created values are given the black background (#333333).

To set a different color for a field value, go to Administration > Entity Manager and click Fields for the corresponding entity:

Entity manager

In the new window that opens, all fields of the selected entity are displayed. Click the desired field of the Enum or Multi-Enum type or click the Add Field button to create a new Enum / Multi-Enum field:

Fields selection

The Multilang options are available in the fields list when the "Multi-Languages" module in installed in the system. Learn more about this module here.

In the fields window that opens, configure field colors for each option separately. To do this, click the color field (333333 against the black background) to open the color picker pop-up and:

  • drag the slider on the color palette (the color code is changed on the fly along the color selection);


  • enter the desired color code right in the color field (the slider on the color palette is automatically moved to the corresponding color).

Color options

Font Settings

When creating/editing the field of the Enum / Multi-Enum type, you can also set the font size. Enter the value in em relatively to the current font size in the corresponding field:

Font size

If 1 is entered, the standard font size will be used for this field display.

Possible values range is 0.7 – 2:

Font size variants

If the entered value is out of this range, the following error message appears:

Font size error

Make necessary changes and click Save to apply your color and font configuration.

Colored Field Display on the Layout

Installing the "Colored Fields" module does not add any restrictions to the Enum / Multi-Enum fields in the Layout Manager, i.e. they can be used normally.

To display the newly created field(s), go to Administration > Layout Manager and click the desired entity in the list to unfold the list of layouts available for this entity. Click the layout you wish to configure (e.g. List) and enable the created field by its drag-and-drop from the right column to the left:

Layout Manager

Click Save to complete the operation. The added colored field will be displayed on the configured layout type for the given entity:

Attributes list

To customize the fields display for other layout types of the entity, make similar changes to the desired layout types in the Layout Manager, as described above.

User Functions

After the "Colored Fields" module is installed and configured by the administrator, user can view the changes in the system interface and use background color options that are predefined by the administrator.

In the entity detail view, the background colors are shown as follows:

Entity detail view

In-line editing is also possible for colored Enum / Multi-Enum fields as shown below.

Enum field editing:

Colored Enum

Multi-Enum field editing, if multiple values are selected from the previously saved list:

Сolored multi enum

Install the "Colored Fields" module now to enable setting colorful backgrounds to values from all Enum / Multi-Enum fields. This is especially useful for status fields or any other fields related to the work processes or their life cycles.

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