The module allows to group the relations in your navigation menu to improve the usability of your PIM system. Thanks to the module, you can combine the related navigation items into group, e.g. calls, tasks, calendars, e-mails can be grouped into “Activities”. The module is compatible with both vertical and horizontal navigation menus.

User Functions

After installing and configuration by the admin, users will see 2-Level Navigation. By clicking on the group name, navigation points which belong to one group can be folded and unfolded.


Each user can set up his own navigation menu, to do this it is necessary to set the checkbox "Custom Tab List" in User Settings> User Interface. With buttons "Add" and "Add Group" you can add the necessary menu items and groups. The order of navigation points and groups can be changed by drag-and-drop.


Administrator Functions

The admin should open Administration> User Interface to make the settings.

Please note that after the module installation the tab "..." will no longer be available to hide the other navigation points. In module 2-Level Navigation we assume that all navigation items are to be grouped. After uninstalling the module, the tab "..." will be available again. A menu item can be used only once in the navigation. So, to add an item to a group, you have to delete it first from the menu (click "x" near the menu item).

To create a new navigation group, click on the button “Add Group”:


To create a new navigation group, you should assign a name to this group. Renaming is currently not possible. To change the group name, you should create a new group with a correct name and delete the old one with the wrong name.


To add navigation items to the navigation group, on the icon "+" near the appropriate group and choose one or more navigation items. An empty navigation group is not displayed in the navigation menu:


The order within one group or groups and ungrouped navigation items can be very easily configured via Drag and Drop.

Module Installation

The module can be installed as a usual TreoPIM module. Before the module installation or deactivation, the menu is as follows:


After updates and upgrades of TreoPIM, all settings which have been made should remain. If they disappear, the module should be reinstalled, settings which have been made earlier will be restored, because the module stores them in a separate file.

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