New Version TreoPIM 2.0.9

30. January 2019
Many new features have been implemented: additional filters (by fields and locales), changes of the mobile tree view and menu display etc.

New version TreoCore 2.0.0

18. January 2019
The new version of TreoPIM with an important improvement - please welcome Queue Manager!

New Version TreoPIM 1.15.6

27. December 2018
The update brings important new features: new text display settings, the table of all available versions and links to descriptions of each version's changes and many other features.

TreoPIM Wins 2 Awards for PIM Software from FinancesOnline!

10. December 2018
In a TreoPIM overview prepared by FinancesOnline, they ranked our solution with an 8.0 score and certified it with two prestigious awards!

PIM for Marketing: an innovative tool to increase sales

6. December 2018
Nowadays the role of PIM for marketing managers is incredible. One of the key benefits of PIM is the central repository for all product information. This will give a company an optimal solution for better-structured data storage.

New Version TreoPIM 1.12.12

29. November 2018
The changes concern both desktop and mobile version: use of attributes, new panels, buttons and icons and other features.

New Version TreoPIM 1.9.1

26. October 2018
The changes affect mobile and desktop versions: new category tree, new attribute order on the product page and association types.

What is the difference between PIM and ERP - do you need both?

17. October 2018
An ERP is used for planning and control of product-related processes. A PIM is an efficient complement to it - for managing product data.

New Version TreoPIM 1.8.1

11. October 2018
The update brings important improvements and novelties, e.g. new entities, filter and mass update options as well as other features.

New Version TreoPIM 1.8.0

24. September 2018
In the new version of TreoPIM new fields have been added to the product page, export and duplicate rules changed and other features implemented.

PDM - manage product data efficiently

13. September 2018
Still have no idea what PDM software is and how it can help manage product data efficiently? Read here to get the answers!

New Version TreoPIM 1.7.5

6. September 2018
In the new version of TreoPIM has been changed the way the category tree is displayed, added the List View option and other features.