TreoPIM Wins 2 Awards for PIM Software from FinancesOnline!

TreoPIM Wins 2 Awards for PIM Software from FinancesOnline

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In a TreoPIM overview prepared by FinancesOnline, they ranked our product information management solution as a new modern and innovative open-source PIM-Software with an 8.0 score and certified it with two prestigious awards: the Great User Experience 2018 Award and the Rising Star 2018 Award.

The Great User Experience Certificate is given to software solutions that offer an especially good user experience. TreoPIM also recorded a 100% user satisfaction rating! values how easy it is for our customers to start using our PIM-Software and how well-designed its interface and features are to accomplish one’s tasks.

The Rising Star Award is given to new software products that only recently appeared on the market, but are looking very promising for the customers, who experience the new service as really efficient for solving their problems.

FinancesOnline has published a detailed analysis of TreoPIM and praised its many features. The experts of FinancesOnline did a thorough analysis of TreoPIM and added the system in their best product information management products.

According to FinancesOnline’s experts, the benefits of TreoPIM are:

  • Unified information management
  • Consistent shopping experience
  • Trends & market adaptation
  • Improved teamwork & workflows
  • Stakeholder portals
  • Lower administrative costs

FinancesOnline has also compared TreoPIM with Akeneo: users can find out more about features, customer experience, prices, support-details of both systems and more.

Our team is very proud to receive such a high rating and awards for our product and would ask you to visit the FinancesOnline website to write your own review of TreoPIM!


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