New Version TreoPIM 3.11

Neue Version TreoPIMA new version of an open source PIM system – TreoPIM 3.11 – is now released and available for download here. The main aim of the new version is to expand the ACL capabilities for multilingual fields within the "Multi-Languages" module functionality. Once your TreoPIM system is updated to the 3.11 version, multilingual fields should be enabled in the Layout Manager; otherwise there will be a validation error on the entity creation/editing step.

Please, visit our store to learn more about the "Multi-Languages" module and its features.

Major Changes

  • Searching of product records by values of their multilingual text attributes (Text, Varchar, Wysiwyg) is now supported:

    Multi-language text attribute

    Values of both main and locale multilingual fields are checked, and if at least one of them contains the search query, the product record is displayed in the filtered list. Please, note that multilingual locale field values can be edited only in the PRODUCT ATTRIBUTE VALUE pop-up, whereas the main multilingual field value can also be edited on the product edit view page.

    Please, visit our store to learn more about the "Multi-Languages" module and its features.

  • The ability to filter product records by their multilingual attributes is added:

    Multi-language attribute filter

    When the filter by locales is applied on the product detail view page, the content of the PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES panel is filtered to display only multilingual attributes.

  • The ability to run system update when there is an operation in progress in the Queue Manager is now blocked:

    Run update blocked

  • The category tree is added to the left-hand panel within the product detail view page:

    Category tree

    A category, linked to the given product, is selected in the tree by default. Using this category tree, you can filter products by categories linked to them. Just click the desired category name and get redirected to the products list view with the filtered list of product records.

  • The ability to add locales to the channel records is added:

    Channel locales

  • The list of locale options depends on the "Multi-Languages" module configuration.

  • Adding the locale fields to the layouts, where their main multilingual field is already displayed, is automatized now for all entities – just click the Update Layouts button on the Multi-Languages settings page:

    Update layouts button


  1. Validation error while creating attributes of the Enum and Multi-Enum types is fixed: if the Enum or Multi-Enum attribute is not multilingual, there is no check for the same number of entered values for its locale fields (#374).

  2. The display of Unit and Currency attributes in the stream is fixed (#379).

  3. Attribute values import via the "Import Feeds" module: the ability to import values of the Unit and Currency fields and attributes is added (#382).

    Please, visit our store to learn more about the "Import Feeds" module and its features.

  4. Product images import via the "Import Feeds" module: the checkup for empty columns and/or non-defined default values for image records in the import file is added. If there are any, product import is performed, and the image record with missing data is ignored (#370).

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