New Version TreoPIM 3.1.0

neue version treopim

TreoLabs GmbH announced the 3.1.0 version release of its open source PIM system - TreoPIM. The new release is available for download here since May 31, 2019. The main aim of the new version is to modernize the catalog functionality that leads to increasing the data management productivity and simplifying it for B2B and B2C companies. The most important feature is that now a catalog is a container for your products arranged by certain criteria, i.e. it is a set of data at a given time compiled to be transferred via certain channels.


  • Channels are now linked directly to the product.


  • Products have a mandatory "Catalog" field. It means that, when creating a new product, you should specify a catalog, to which this product is to belong. Each product is unique within the catalog so that it’s impossible for a certain catalog to contain two products with the same SKU.

mandatory field

  • Now a catalog can be duplicated together with all its products. If you need to create a new catalog on the basis of the existing one, open the desired catalog and click the "Duplicate" button. Also the product duplicating functionality is improved, i.e. a product can now be completely (100%) duplicated.

Duplicate button

  • When a catalog is deleted, so are all products related to this catalog.
  • You should select a root category (or categories), which means that all catalog products may have only those categories that are related to the selected category trees. On the other side, for products you can select only those categories that are related to the catalog.
  • Categories have either Global or Channel scope. It is defined on when the category is being created or edited on the product detail view page. For the Channel scope, you should also select channels for the desired categories. When adding a category to the product, you can assign this category to one or all channels and define its transfer via export or any other means of communication.

scope global and channelscope

  • Attributes have either Global or Channel scope, which is defined on when the attribute is being created or edited on the product or product family detail view page. For the Channel scope, channels should be also selected for the desired attributes.

attribute scope

  • The ability to filter your products by scopes (Global or selected channels) is added to the product detail view page. Now it is possible to select a desired channel in the filters list to display only the items (attributes, categories, etc.) related to the selected channel.

all scopesAmazon EN scope

  • The Channel Attributes panel is removed, so now there is only one Product Attributes panel on the product page. By default, an attribute has a scoping. The uniqueness of the records is checked at the scoping and channel level. The ability to create either Global or Channel attribute is introduced.

Your upgrade from 2.x to 3.1 will be done smoothly, due to the well-developed migration architecture. The previous architecture of the existing data will transfer into the latest version with no problems ensuring the migration of all necessary data.

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