New Version TreoPIM 2.8.4

Neue Version TreoPIM

New Features in PIM:

  • On the page “Product Families” the linked attributes are displayed sorted by the attribute groups to which they belong. If the attributes do not belong to any of the attribute groups, they are displayed in "No Group". The attribute groups are displayed sorted on the page “Product Families”, according to the settings of the field “Sort Order” on the attribute group page.
  • Added the ability to unlink the attribute group and its attributes from the page “Product Families”. In addition, you can quickly move to the editing page of the attribute group. For this, you need to click on the name of the corresponding attribute group.

Product Family Attributes

  • The mechanism for creating associations between products has been changed:
  1. Related Association was renamed into Backward Association and added when creating associations in the PIM software.
  2. If Backward Association is specified, "Backward Association" and the checkbox "Both Directions" are automatically selected when creating the association between products.

Backward Association

  • The ability to change the Backward Association or deactivate the checkbox "Both Directions" has been retained.
  • Added the ability to unlink the attributes that do not belong to the Product Family when general editing the products.

Fixed Bugs in PIM:

  • When adding a channel-specific attribute of the type Array Multi Lang, no errors are displayed in the console. When editing the attribute of the type Array Multi Lang, the values already specified will be retained.
  • If no attributes are added to the Product Family, "No Data" is displayed.
  • When creating the associations, the images specified as link appear in the panel “Associated Products” on the product page and in the list of entries of the entity “Associated Products”.
  • No errors are displayed in the console, when duplicating the product.
  • When entering the attribute values, these values will not be saved for the product, if the mandatory fields "Owner" and "Assigned User" are not filled in.
  • Bad server response error isn’t displayed anymore, when editing the team in the attributes. The changed data is saved successfully.

New Features in Core:

  • The work of Queue Manager was transferred from CronJob to bash script. So, when the started action (export / import / mass removal or update) is completed, you don’t have to wait for the start of the next cron, which is triggered every minute. After completing one action, the next action starts automatically.

Fixed Bugs in Core:

  • When adding the attributes to Product Family, they will be displayed not after reloading the page, but immediately. When sorting attributes, the Product Family page displays only the attributes that are linked to it.
  • When opening the Queue Manager pop-up, the errors are not displayed in console, if there is appropriate information about the performed export / import in the Manager, but the corresponding modules are not installed.
  • Configurator of the attribute of types Wysiwyg Multi Lang and Wysiwyg is displayed correctly when editing the attribute on the product page.

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