New Version TreoPIM 2.14.6

Neue Version TreoPIMNeue Features in PIM:

  • When dragging and dropping attributes in the attribute groups, the gray background is displayed on mobile devices.
  • Mass changes of pictures by the fields Scope and Code are no longer possible.
  • Added the ability to filter the list of products by the field “Product Families”.

Fixed Bugs in PIM:

  • When adding a product family to a product that already has the same attribute in the PIM system, which is in that product family, the attributes are not duplicated.
  • When editing the attribute of the type Enum again, the previously entered value is displayed in the stream.
  • When filtering by attributes of the types Array and Multi-Enum, the filter results are displayed correctly on the product list page.
  • The relations between the products and associations can be removed by using "Remove relation".
  • When editing an attribute, the fields Owner and Assigned User are saved in the pop-up according to the entry and continue to be displayed correctly.
  • If you click on "Show Generic Fields" on the product page and reload the page, the selected settings will be saved. Thus, the main values of the multi-language fields and attributes are displayed.

show generic fields

generic fieldsNew Features in Core:

tags in treopim

  • The user can install either TreoCore or TreoCore with the modules TreoPIM and / or TreoCRM, when installing the system. The modules TreoPIM and TreoCRM are free. But there is no compulsion to install the system together with these modules. Read more about the installation here.
  • We added the column "Tags" to the list of modules, in order to facilitate the search for the necessary module. So you can immediately understand what the module is used for.
  • On the page “Preferences” the ability to set the notifications has been removed for users.
  • A new type of field and attribute has been added - Unit, which can be used to specify units of measurement and the number of units. By default, there are the most commonly used units of measurement in the system, and if needed, you can also create your own units of measurement, which will be used as field or attribute in the product description.

Administration Units

Fixed Bugs in Core:

  • There are no more errors in the console, when updating stream.
  • When editing the field and attribute of the type Unit (if the field “Audited” exists), all entered changes are displayed correctly in the stream. If only the unit of measurement is edited, the entry will be displayed in the stream. When editing the attribute of type Unit, the stream is updated automatically, the new entry is displayed at the top.
  • On the product list page you can filter the products by the field “Product Families” again.
  • When installing the system, no errors are displayed in the logs.
  • If only TreoCore has been installed, there will be no errors when going to the page “Preferences” and creating the portal user.

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