New Version TreoPIM 2.0.9

New Version TreoPIM

New Features:

  • An additional filter has been added to the entity entry page - Advanced Entity View. In the entity Products this filter can be used for the panels Overview and Attributes. In all other entities of the PIM system the filter can be used only for the panel Overview. Two additional buttons allow to filter information by fields and locales.

There are the following options to filter information by fields:
All Fields – all fields from the panel Overview are displayed (in the entity Products – all fields from the panels Overview and Attributes);
all fields

Empty Required Fields – the empty required fields are displayed;
Empty Fields
– all empty fields are displayed, i.e. all fields in which there is no information and the value "None";

There are the following options to filter information by locales:

All Locales – data of all locales is displayed. If the checkbox "Show Generic Fields" is activated, the multilanguage fields are displayed by default (i.e. the main value is displayed, the local values are hidden). If the checkbox is not activated, only local values are displayed (the main value is hidden).

all locales

Locale 1 – data from the selected locale is only displayed. If the checkbox "Show Generic Fields" is activated, the data from the main field and selected locale will be displayed.
Show Generic Fields – if the checkbox is activated, the value of the main field is displayed. The main field is the field that doesn’t belong to any locale.

  • On mobile devices the users can’t drag categories and create a category tree on the Tree View page anymore. Thus, it is impossible to drag accidentally separate categories while viewing or scrolling the page.
  • When creating new fields of the types Multi-Enum MultiLang and Enum MultiLang, it was enabled to set font size in field configurator. The font size is increased or decreased according to the entered value in the field Font-Size. If you specify "Font-Size = 1em", the font size of these field values will be the same as the main text of the system.
  • After system installation, the menu displays the entity default icons that makes the menu more stylized and original. It is possible to change the icons as well as to select another color for them.

menu treopim

  • It is possible to add attributes to Product Families by selecting Attribute Group. All attributes that belong to this group are automatically linked to Product Family, after selecting the required Attribute Group from the list.

New Features in Core:

  • The entries can not be duplicated in Queue Manager .
  • A cleaner has been developed to delete the old data in the database table of TreoPIM. This cleaner also removes attachments that no longer exist in the system. The cleaner removes the entries from all database tables where deleted = 1 is displayed. The cleaner is automatically started on the first of each month.
  • When the mass changes or the import / export are started, the users can not reset the process in Queue Manager that is already running (the button "Cancel" is not active in the manager pop-up).

queue manager

  • The display of the Queue Manager pop-up on mobile devices has been stylized and optimized.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed bugs when uploading the image to Wysywig and Wysywig Multilang attributes. The image is displayed successfully after upload, it can be edited or removed.
  • The values entered in multilingual and simple channel-specific attributes are saved successfully. After that, these values are displayed correctly on the product page.
  • The created associations are displayed correctly on the product page in the block Associated Product.
  • The attributes linked to the product family are displayed correctly on the product page that belongs to this product family.
  • The catalog that has no channels added to it can be successfully removed. Bad Request isn’t displayed in console.

Fixed Bugs in Core:

  • When opening the Queue Manager pop-up on the portal page as portal user or administrator of the portal, no errors are displayed. The pop-up displays the completed processes.
  • During system installation, the interface language is changed to the language selected from the list.
  • When starting mass changes / or import / export, "Assigned User" is specified in the created entry - the user who started the process.

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