New Version TreoPIM 1.9.1

neue version treopim

New Version PIM 1.9.0 - 1.9.1 (Core 1.14.5)

A new version of TreoPIM is already available! This release offers many new features that enhance the system's usability. The changes affect both the mobile and desktop version (e.g. a visual category tree and the ability to adjust the order of attributes on the product page and to specify different types of association were added). These and even more new features you can get with the new version of TreoPIM 1.9.0 - 1.9.1 (Core 1.14.5).

New Features:

  • On mobile devices the category panel on the product page is hidden. Only after clicking the button > a pop-up to select a required category appears. After selecting the category from the categories panel, the pop-up closess automatically. This makes the use of the system more convenient.
  • On the category page the visual category tree has been added. It allows to create a similar category tree quickly and easily.
  • There were added attributes “Wysiwyg” and “Wysiwyg Multilang” to the basic attributes.
  • While using attribute types “Text”, “Text Multilang”, “Wysywig” and “Wysywig Multilang”, they are placed on the product page under all attributes and take up the full width of the block..
  • The attribute group page displays the drag-and-drop icons in the attributes panel. In addition, a possibility to adjust the order of attributes on the product page has been added.
  • When creating a product association, a checkbox “Both Directionsdispays. With this checkbox you can specify that this association is two-sided. In other words, the checkbox selection automatically creates the association for this and for the selected product. In addition, it will be possible to specify different types of association.
  • On the product page in the block “Associated Product” the images of the associated products are displayed.
  • A new entity “Product Associations” that enables to track the product associations and their relationships.

Fixed Bugs:

  • When adding products on the product series page, products that already belong to product series aren’t displayed in the pop-up.
  • When adding the images to categories that have subcategories, errors aren't displayed in Console anymore. The selected images are added successfully and displayed on the category page.
  • On the attribute page the errors have been fixed that occurred while connecting / disconnecting of Product Family to the attribute. When selecting a product or an attribute to Product Family, the errors in Console and “Bad server response” aren’t displayed. Accordingly, products or attributes are successfully displayed and added to Product Family.
  • When creating a new product, tag field changes aren’t inscribed in the stream if no data has been entered in this field.

Fixed Bugs in Core:

  • During system installation no error will occur at the last step. When selecting all checkboxes in the pop-up with the list of the entries, the buttons Save and Cancel are active.
  • If Assigned User is activated in Entity Manager in the settings of a specific entity, he is displayed while creating an entry in the creation pop-up.
  • While deleting entries from the list of entities “Attributes” and “Brands”, errors aren’t displayed in Console. The entries are deleted successfully.
  • While creating of Portal user and user authorization, the Bad server response error isn’t displayed. The user is successfully created and logged in.
  • On mobile devices global search shows not one, but all search results.
  • The update includes important improvements and new features. Try our demo version to see it and discover the benefits of TreoPIM.

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