New Version TreoPIM 1.8.1


TreoPIM – a free open-source PIM system – has been released in the new version 1.8.1. The update brings important improvements and new features with the aim to facilitate the use of the system as much as possible. There are new entities, filtering capabilities and some other useful features in the new version 1.8.1 of TreoPIM.
The following changes have been made:

New Features:

  • A new entity “Product Serie” that enables product grouping.
  • In "Mass Update" there is no possibility anymore to add the fields that are loaded automatically, e.g.: Size, Type, Image, Width etc.
  • On all entity pages, the "Add Filter" or "Add Attribute Filter" pop-ups with the attribute filters or field filters are fixed. They are hidden only by clicking on empty spaces. Thus, the selection of the necessary filter from the list becomes more convenient.
  • While filtering by attribute types Enum and Multi-Enum the value selection box displays all possible variants that are created for this attribute.
  • In the product list between the navigation and the list itself, the panel with filters by category has been added.

Fixed Bugs:

  • While adding the article to the attribute from the attribute page, the attribute is also displayed on the product page.
  • While adding of the product to the category page, the products that belong to this category are not displayed in the pop-up with products.
  • While editing values in the fields priceCurrency, price, sku, tax, ean, uvp, day, amount, mpn, productStatus, the field names in the stream are displayed in capital letters (e.g., EAN, MSRP, MPN, Amount).
  • While opening category that has subcategories, the buttons for adding the products are hidden.

The new version of TreoPIM offers a lot of new practical features. One of the biggest benefits of this version - improved filtering by attribute types - is the significant time savings. Try our demo version to see the benefits of TreoPIM.