New Version TreoPIM 1.8.0

neue version treopim

New features:

  • On the product page a new field for Long Description has been added tothe overview panel (field type is Wysywyg Multilang).
  • When the category is duplicated, its assigned products are automaticallyassigned to the duplicate category.
  • During the export of products by the type Simple, the field Scope isn’tdisplayed.
  • From the category page you can add the articles to a category only if thecategory has no subcategories – so it’s the last part of the category tree.

Fixed bugs:

  • During the changing of a product family the attributes assigned to theproduct will be changed automatically.
  • During the filtering by attributes Array, Multi-Enum, and Enum, if onlyone attribute belongs to a certain product family, this product family isn’t displayed in the pop-up with filter results.
  • Dashlet Channel displays only a number of products belonging to thisdashlet.
  • On the category page in the block with products the buttons ▼ and ✚ were added, for the selection and creation of a newproduct accordingly.

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