New Version TreoPIM 1.15.6

New Version TreoPIM

The free open source PIM software - TreoPIM has now been released in the new version. The update brings important new features: new text display settings, the table of all available versions and links to descriptions of each version's changes and many other features.

New features:

  • When creating an entry in the Product Assets or Brand entities, the name is automatically created in the field Code. The validation is taken into account.
  • The specification of values for the following attribute types Enum / Enum Multi Lang and Multi-Enum / Multi-Enum Multi Lang has been changed. When creating the attributes of these types, the button "Add new value" is displayed. Clicking on this button displays the fields for entering the attribute values. It is also possible to edit the already entered values.

attributes treopim

  • When creating new fields of types Wysiwyg and Wysiwyg Multi Lang, two new settings have been added:

entity manager treopim

o Disable text hiding – Checkbox for text displaying. If the checkbox is activated, all entered text will be displayed;
o Displayed Height (px) – a part of the text to display in pixels.

The button "See more" is displayed, if the checkbox Disable text hiding is switched off and there is a lot of text entered in the fields of types Wysiwyg and Wysiwyg Multi Lang. Clicking on this button displays the hidden text.

hidden text treopim

New Features in Core:

  • At the last step of the system installation, a loader is displayed.
  • When mass actions are started, it is impossible to reset the Job that is already running.
  • A new table has been added to the system updates page. This table displays the versions to which the system can be updated and the links to the descriptions of the changes of each version. Now you can choose which version of the system to update and see what changes have been made in each version.

upgrades treopim
If the system is updated to the latest version, the table is not displayed.

Fixed Bugs:

  • On the product page, the values entered in the attributes of the Multi-Enum and Multi Lang types and the values by locales of the Wysiwyg Multi Lang attribute are displayed.When scrolling the page down, the name of the entity entry is displayed completely.
  • On the category entry page, when entering a category with product in the Parent Category field, Bad server response isn’t displayed. Instead, it displays the error that the selected category has the product.

Fixed Bugs in Core:

  • When removing a catalog entry assigned to the channel, it isn’t displayed in the channel.
  • The translations have been added in the pop-up and Queue Manager entity for the portal user.
  • In the menu on the right, the extra scroll bar is not displayed if there is a large number of entities added to the menu.

We would recommend all users of TreoPIM to update the software to try out all the powerful features of TreoPIM.

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