New Version TreoPIM 1.12.12

neue version treopim

New Version TreoPIM 1.12.12 (Core 1.20.2)

New Features:

  • The columns in the entity table “Associated Product” have been renamed into Main Product Image, Main Product, Related Product Image, Related Product, and a button for switching to FullForm has been removed from the pop-up.


treopim update


treopim new version

  • On the page with product list the distance between Actions and Product List remains unchanged when closing the panel with category filters.
  • In the pop-up for attribute editing, the attribute of the type wysiwyg is displayed across the entire width of the pop-up (up to the fields Assign User and Owner).
  • When using the attributes in Add / Remove relation, the attribute group to which the corresponding attribute belongs is displayed
  • When selecting Category or Products Assets in the pop-up Add / Remove relation, the checkbox with selected / not selected value is displayed in the field Active.
  • The user who has no rights to view the entities Category and Catalog will see the product list (without panel with category filters).
  • On mobile devices the icon of the reset button is displayed without text next to the search field.

treopim mobile view

New Features in Core:

  • On the product page a space between the multilingual fields has been added to make these fields stand out better.
  • The font size of the panel names has been changed to 14рх, the speed of collapsing / expanding the panels has been increased, the icons for collapsing / expanding the panels and menu icons have been changed. In addition, the names of the table columns in the list of entities aren’t displayed in bold.
  • On the page of the Modules Manager and the system update a loader is displayed that shows, that the system / module is currently being updated.
  • On the page of the Modules Manager two statuses for the uninstalled modules have been added and visually highlighted: Available - the module can be installed, Buyable - any actions with the module are forbidden.
  • In admin panels the buttons “Collapse All” and “Expand All” aren’t displayed.
  • The same panel is displayed differently in different entities. So, the panel “Attributes” can be closed in product entries, but opened in the entries of the Product Family.
  • In panels on the right it has been added the button of the panel update.

Fixed Bugs:

  • In pop-up Add / Remove relation the images are displayed when selecting Product Image in the list, the names of the files and a paper clip icon – when selecting Products Assets.
  • When duplicating the product the attributes added to the product are not duplicated and the changes made to the attribute are saved.
  • When the product is fully processed, the new attribute value is saved.
  • When opening the attributes / a category / an asset from the pop-up list Add/Remove relation in a new window, the page of the selected entry opens.
  • It has been fixed the inline attribute errors that occurred after the changes in the attribute's pop-up.
  • On mobile devices the panel with category filters is scrolled to the end of the list.
  • On the product page the categories aren’t duplicated in the panel with category filters.
  • On mobile devices the error notification is displayed on a red background.
  • Fixed bugs that occurred while creating a two-sided association from the product page and the list of associated products
  • When adding the product family to the product, its attributes are displayed on the product page.

Fixed Bugs in Core:

  • Fixed bug that occurred while adding connections to the Entity Account entries.
  • While menu setting the delimiter (...) is saved and the menu is divided into two groups.
  • When opening / closing the panels the collapse icon changes according to the actions that were performed.
  • While creating a group, a gray square is displayed by default in the menu (if an icon or a color were not selected).

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