New Version TreoCore 3.*

TreoCore new version

TreoCore is a modern platform for TreoPIM - PIM system, TreoCRM and other applications that is constantly being developed and offers the users new and improved functionality on a regular basis. After we had created the Queue Manager, speeded up its work and the system performance, we decided to make further changes.

We have changed and updated the installation guide. It is available under the link. The instruction describes the step-by-step installation of the system so that it works successfully.

Besides, the design of the update page was changed. The current version of the system and the pop-up to select the available versions will be displayed on the update page, when an update is available. The versions are sorted in descending order. The latest version will be displayed first and is automatically preselected. If required, you can see the update details page of any version. This page displays the information about the made changes.

An additional step was added to the update - now you can choose from the available versions only the version to which the system can be updated. If any significant changes were made during the system update, you cannot update the system immediately to the latest version. This allows to avoid conflicts and to update the system without errors. In this case, the system can be updated first to the intermediate version and only afterwards to the latest version.

Update TreoPIM

The system update is performed in one step. The special feature is that the updating process was transferred from Cronjob to bash script. This allows to save time for updating the system and modules.

A significant innovation is that if an error occurs while updating the modules / system (incorrect module dependencies or other technical errors), user will not be logged out (as it was before), but the errors that occurred during the update will be displayed in the logs. Such a review of dependencies and structure of the update scheme allow to successfully update the system during a session. Previously, when the system update was started, the user was logged out regardless of the update results (Success/Fail). It was necessary to log in again and to take the appropriate actions, to make changes and update the system. Now users will be logged out only after the successful update of the modules.

Module Manager

The log display format has been changed during the update of the system / modules and now the information about an update is displayed in the logs in real time. Now it is possible to track the update during the process yourself- the installed, removed or updated modules will be displayed (previously, you could see the logs only after the update). The whole process that the system performs during the system update is displayed step-by-step in the logs.

System update

We also did a code refactoring in order to improve and optimize our product. We continue to develop our system and constantly optimize its performance for ease of use, because new opportunities are always of great interest to the user.

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