New version TreoCore 2.0.0

new version treocore

Queue Manager

TreoCore platform is the foundation for web-based applications such as TreoPIM and TreoCRM. TreoPIM is free open source product information management system of the new generation for manufacturers, retailers and brands. The software is constantly being developed and improved, many new features are being added.

TreoCore ensures the most important functions for a successful enterprise software. TreoCore is now available in the new version 2.0.0 that makes the use of TreoPIM even more efficient. In this version the old Progress Manager Pop-up, which showed started, finished and scheduled actions has been replaced by an important new feature – the Queue Manager. This feature increases greatly the speed of the system.

old progress manager pop up treocore

For convenience, the Queue Manager was created as a separate entity and as a pop-up. Thus, it will be possible to display and view all finished, reset and other tasks in the menu.

 queue manager treocore

The ability to use Queue Manager as a pop-up enables to display and control quickly the execution of the running processes.

When starting the mass changes (e.g. updating or removing entries) or when importing, the Queue Manager pop-up opens automatically, displaying the status of the action - Running / Success / Pending / Failed. In addition, this pop-up displays a loader, which means that the process is running.
status of the action treocore

It is possible to reset the started action from the pop-up. After that, it will no longer be displayed in the pop-up, but the entry will be stored on the entity page of the manager. Another important funсtion in the pop-up is the filter of the process display "Show done". If the checkbox "Show done" is activated, the pop-up also shows the processes with the status "Success" and "Failed".

 queue manager show done treocore

A significant feature of Queue Manager is that the processes with many entries are automatically split into a few sub-tasks. These subtasks are completed consecutively.

subtasks queue manager treocore

This allows to view the partially completed process immediately, to reduce the server load by completing the resource-consuming tasks and to manage the task completion queue (it is possible to either reset or move the task).

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