Infographic: What is a PIM system?

30 January 2020
Are you interested in the concept of a PIM system? We are glad to present you our new infographic! Learn more about PIM systems here!

New Version TreoPIM 3.12

10 January 2020
A new generation PIM software is happy to announce its new release. The key point of the new version is removal of the PimImage entity.

New Version TreoPIM 3.11

08 January 2020
The main aim of the new version is to expand the ACL capabilities for multilingual fields within the "Multi-Languages" module functionality.

Top 10 requirements for a PIM system

30 October 2019
What are the most important PIM requirements during the system evaluation? Find out here how to select an appropriate solution for your business.

PIM Сonsulting - do you really need it?

13 August 2019
Find out here what the main stages of PIM consulting are, and for what purposes PIM consultants can be involved.

Which PIM to choose: cloud-based or on-premise?

26 July 2019
Find out what are the pros and cons of cloud based PIM compared with on-premise one! Which type of PIM systems will suit your company better?

21 best practices for writing excellent product descriptions

11 July 2019
Don't you know how to write product descriptions that sell? Find out here which best practices should be used in e-commerce! With examples!

How to take product photos: 12 professional tips

11 June 2019
Do you have problems taking product photos for your store? Find out here how to take professional product photos using our 12 practical tips!

New Version TreoPIM 3.1.0

03 June 2019
The main goal is to modernize the catalog functionality that leads to increasing the data management productivity and simplifying it for B2B or B2C companies.

8 best practices on PIM evaluation

31 May 2019
What are the best practices on PIM evaluation? Find out here what you should pay attention to during the PIM assessment!

What is a PIM system?

23 May 2019
PIM System is a software that helps to collect, process and manage centrally product information to provide a unified and detailed overview of all existing product data and information.

New Version TreoPIM 2.14.6

08 May 2019
New features in mass changes and filtering, new functions: tags in the module list, new field and attribute type - Unit and much more.