Channels – channel is a set of product informations, which can be synced with third-party systems as well as exported in certain formats. Normally channel should be considered as a place, where you product informations should appear, for example your online shop, mobile app or print catalogue.

Only one category tree can be linked to the channel (channel category). Channel category forms the category tree, which products would be transferred within the channel. It is possible to assign certain products directly to the channel (eg if you don't want to use categories or you want to have some exception in the product catalogue for some channel).

Several prices can be assigned to a channel, certain price can be used in several channels (b2b price needs to be synced within channel A and channel B). Each channel has one or more valid currencies, only prices in that currencies will be transferred.

Channels can be activated or deactivated. Deactivated Channels cannot be used in the system and are not used to transfer the data.

So the channel is actually the same as product catalogue, which is built based on the following: • Products from the more then one category (sub-)three, or directly linked products are included. • It has one or more locales to determine in which languages the product informations are required. • Prices in one or more currencies will be included. • Only active products will be transferred.

Channel Fields

Entity Channel comes with the following preconfigured fields, mandatory are marked with *:

| Field name | Description | | –––––––––- | –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– | | Active | activity state of the Record | | Name (multi-lang) | Channel Name | | Locale | Multiselect-List of Locales. In this currencies the prices will be transferred via this channel. | | Category Tree | Root Category to define Category Tree or Branch, which products will be synced via Channel | | Description | Description, what this Channel should be used for. | | Currencies | Multiselect-List of currencies. In this currencies the prices will be transferred via this channel. |

If you want to make changes to the Channel Entity, eg add new fields, or modify Channel Views please contact your Administrator.

Channels' List View

To open the channels' List View click on the Channels in the Navigation Menu.

  • By default the following channel fields are displayed on the List View for channels:
    • Name
    • Active
  • To sort records click any channel column title which is sortable. This will sort the column either ascending or descending.
  • To search or filter the channel records, see the UI/Search and Filtering section of this user guide.
  • To create new channel record click on the Create Channel button in the Upper right corner of the List View.
  • To view the channel record in a Detail View click on the main naming field value of the appropriated record (eg name field value).

Mass Actions

  • Remove – Remove selected channels
  • Mass Update – Mass update of the selected channels
  • Export – Export of the selected channels, you can export all fields or choose the fields to be exported.

Single Record Actions

  • View – go to the detail view of the channel record
  • Edit – go to the detail view of the channel record in the edit mode
  • Remove – remove the channel record.

Channel's Detail View

Create or Edit Channel

  • Click on the Edit button to edit the opened Channel.
  • Per default activating or deactivating a Channel has no impact on the related records, such a products or categories.

Remove Channel

  • Click remove to remove the record.

Duplicate Channel

  • Click on the Drop-Down section at the Main Action Button and select Duplicate to go to the Channel Create View in the Main Window and
  • get all the values of the last chosen Channel record copied in the empty fields of the new Channel record to be created.

Working with Products, related to Channels

  • On each Channel page there is a Small List View of the products, linked with this channel - you see here the products linked with the channel directly and those linked with the channel via category assignment.
  • By default the following fields are displayed in the Small Detail View for that products:
    • Name
    • Categories
    • Active
  • To create a new Product, linked with the active Channel, from this View click on the + icon in the upper right corner of the view.
  • Here you have the ability to link the products without assigned category to the channel.
  • To link already existing Products with the selected Channel directly (not via Channel), use the select icon in the upper right corner of the view.
    • Then in the Popup Window choose one or more products, you to want to assign to this Channel and click on the Select Action Button.
  • To remove the product please click on the Remove in the Single Record Actions for the appropriate record.
  • To edit the product please click on the Edit in the Single Record Actions for the appropriate record.
  • To unlink the product from the Channel click on the Unlink in the Single Record Actions for the appropriate record. This option is only available for products, which were linked with the channel directly, not via category assign.
  • Click on the product name, to be redirected to Detail Page of the selected product.